Welcome to APBhouse. What are you doing here? Why is Aeronaut shamelessly plugging this website everywhere? Well, the cause is pure and the point is simple.

It’s to help new players adjust to the demanding lifestyle of San Paro.


*shrug* I’ve got a decent amount of time on my hands and I enjoy being helpful. I like this game. A lot. And it’s a small, still-a-work-in-progress gift for all the hours of joy and frustration it brought me. I’m a very straightforward person, and I absolutely hate having my time wasted. Sometimes in District Chat, I’ll see an innocent new visitor to San Paro, and they’re questions are usually the same, and also usually get ignored.

I just wish there was some sort of in-game tutorial, *cough cough, this is a reference to Gamersfirst not having a decent tutorial* that players can redirect others towards. And that’s how the idea of APBhouse came to be.

Trust Me?

I want you to believe me that I really want people to enjoy this game. I want them to be the best they can possibly be. I know the game is confusing and awkward, but I promise you that the hours were spent with friends makes up for it in the long run (it’s a good idea to play with friends). I don’t know how gaming resumes work but I’ve wasted ~2566 hours as of this post. I’ve played since Open Beta. I think I’ve been around for a good majority of APB Reloaded’s history.


That being said, take this as a plead to somewhat better the community. I know that phrase sounds tired, old and impossible, but I’d rather be part of the group that would be able to admit that they tried. If you see someone new or in need of help, lead them to this site. In exchange, I will do my best to turn this into an incredible resource for new players.

Maybe, just maybe…this could actually turn into something.


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