Achieving Max Rate of Fire.

Achieving Max Rate of Fire.


Achieving the max rate of fire with a semi-automatic weapon in APB is relatively easy. There’s a very simple method in being able to achieve it consistently that I think makes it very easy for others to understand. I’ll end the filler sentences here and get right into it.

In my example, I’ve demonstrated it with a Joker Carbine with no modifications. Find an area, preferably a wall and begin to fire at it at a slow rate. Start at slow and consistent intervals, then proceed to increase the speed of the tapping. Begin to tap faster and faster until you realize that your tapping stopped equaling a 1:1 ratio of click to actual shot fired. That means you’ve reached near max rate of fire. This means two things. You need to slow down your tapping and find that sweet spot JUST BEFORE you get limited, where each tap equates to one shot being fired.

  1. Fire gun slowly against a wall.
  2. Increase rate of fire consistently
  3. Take note when 1 tap no longer equals 1 shot being fired.
  4. Slow tapping and adjust where you’re firing fast, but can also maintain a 1:1 ratio of taps to actual fired shots.

What About Accuracy?

This one is a bit more tricky because mouse sensitivities and configuration vary from player to player. The general advice of maintaining accuracy is to pull down on your mouse to compensate for the recoil. The speed that you pull down on the mouse depends on your mouse sensitivity. Typically, you will pull down slower on high sensitivity and require less mousepad room, while those player on low sensitivity might need their entire desk. This tip isn’t limit to semi-automatic weapons, so if you’re using a LMG like a SHAW or ALIG, then it might be difficult for low sensitivity players to keep their mouse on their desks.

Note: I’m not sure if this has been fixed yet, but the bullet holes you might see on objects are not 100% accurate. I think they might be client side based and can appear differently for other players.