Action Districts

Action Districts


Mission Districts

These mission districts currently contain Financial and Waterfront. Missions are APB’s main content. Players, when readied, are placed as Attackers or Defenders. Attackers will have their objectives shown as Orange on their HUD, and Defender’s objectives will be shown as blue on their HUD. Attackers win by completing all the objectives, and defenders achieve victory by keeping attackers at bay until the mission timer expires. You typically only gain standing in mission districts. Fight club does not give standing for completing matches.

Financial is more known for more frequent close quarter combat.

Waterfront boasts wide open spaces that promote longer range combat.

What is Open Conflict?

Open Conflict is the same as Mission Districts, as missions are the main attraction, but the matchmaking system is turned off. That means that it is possible for a very high ranked player to face against a very low ranked player. In a regular Mission District, matchmaking is turned on to prevent this type of scenario.

Fight Club

Fight Club is a player’s answer to a quick APB game. In it’s core, the mode is similar to Team Deathmatch. It consists of three maps. Baylan Shipping, Asylum, and Beacon. Depending on the map, the objectives can very from achieving a certain amount of kills, to holding zones, and securing objectives to a certain threshold.

Fight Club also contains activities that rewards players upon completion with Joker Tickets. Joker Tickets can be used to redeem items at Joker Distribution in the Social District.

Baylan Shipping

A mixture of long and short ranges. Containers provide a maze for players and create vantage points to hold waves of enemies at certain areas of the map.


Set in an abandoned asylum, players are let loose upon this playground, with different objectives to contest for. Asylum contains a mixture of both short to long range combat, but leans more to the shorter range. You can expect to hear sound bites of screams, crying, and just plain craziness.


Beacon is a tower that seems to have halted construction. Makes sense, because a bunch of people have taken it over to shoot each other. Beacon also experience a different range of objectives, and boasts more longer range combat, although the stairs leading up to each floor definitely call for closer range thinking.