Agrotech DMR-SD

Agrotech DMR-SD

The Agrotech DMR-SD, commonly known as the DMR, is a high velocity rifle that is very effective in the medium-high to high ranged combat distance. It’s alternative is the N-HVR 762.

The DMR contains a fast rate of fire, compared to the HVR, and takes 3 shots to kill. At 88m, the DMR transforms into a two shot to kill weapon.

But at this range, opposing players might border the line of not being visible. That visual cutoff is at 100m, although in some cases, you might be able to hit players, even with them not being visible.

(your crosshairs still might turn red, without a visible character to shoot at)


For many players, they’ll opt for the HVR 762 because it offers higher initial damage, which allows you to disable players as they wait to regenerate their health back.

BUT the speed of the DMR is quite fast and can catch players off guard, as they might not expect to die in three shots, along with the silenced aspect of the gun.

2-Shots @ 88m

Unlike other weapons, the DMR will actually gain more damage the further the target is. At 88 meters, two shots can kill a player. The exceptions being if the other player is utilizing kevlar, or if you’ve added heavy barrel.


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