ALIG 762

ALIG 762

The ALIG 762 is one of the two original light machine guns in APB Reloaded, it’s counterpart is the SHAW 556.  The ALIG is well known for being an anti vehicle weapon, spitting out rounds of gunfire that decimate vehicles.

That being said, it is able to suppress and maim enemy combatants at a modest range but a somewhat slow rate of fire.


The ALIG 762 is a really good anti vehicle. It only requires a few seconds of consistent gunfire on an enemy vehicle to render it permanently disabled.

But, compared to the SHAW, it lacks in the anti-personnel department. It’s slow rate of fire and slightly 0.22s increase in TTK, or Time to Kill does not allow much room for mistakes.

Submachine Guns and Shotguns can absolutely dance around a decimate, while the SHAW has a higher chance of holding it’s own.

Of course, mobility is still an issue. Although, equipping Car Surfer would allow you to basically have a gun turret on top of vehicles. Very useful for chasing down car objectives, or hindering enemy movement and progress.

Switching to your secondary is recommended to get to places faster.

Health Damage 225
Stamina Damage 20
Hard Damage 74.25
Time to kill 0.72s
Shots to kill 5
Equip Time 1.00s
Fire Interval 0.180s
Reload Time 3.60s
Ammo Capacity 225
Magazine Capacity 75

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