APB In-game Tutorial

APB In-game Tutorial

The APB In-game tutorial can be viewed as a quest system. It guides you with pictures and text in-game inside of a little module that can be accessed by pressing T. The tasks range from opening a door to creating a symbol in the Social District.

It is highly recommended to complete the in-game tutorial in order to receive all of its freebies. As mentioned earlier, you’re able to receive the character deployable Field Supplier, the trusty Fragmentation Grenade, and a weapon selector that allows you to gain one permanent weapon.

Tutorial Panel

On the bottom right of the module, there’s an option to show the Tutorial Panel in HUD. This will allow you to check on your current tasks without having to open up the Tutorial screen constantly. Once a category is completed, a new objective will be shown for you to complete.


Objective Reward
Welcome to San Paro Title: Streetwise
Basic Permanent Weapon Choice
Movement & Actions Field Supplier
Mail and Inventory Frag Grenades
Combat 10 Day Weapon Selector
Vehicles Macchina Cosenza FTV1
Mission Mobile Spawn Point
Social +1 Outfit Slot
Advanced 100 Joker Tickets
Armas Marketplace 25 Joker Tickets
Enforcer/Criminal Faction Activities 25 Joker Tickets
Advanced Combat 25 Joker Tickets
Advanced Missions 25 Joker Tickets
Progression 25 Joker Tickets
Fight Club 25 Joker Tickets
Advanced Social 25 Joker Tickets