APB Premium

APB Premium

APB premium

Note: Currency will be discussed in the terms of US dollar.

How much does it cost?

These benefits are available at the price of 999G1C. That’ll cost you around $15. But, if you still have premium and want to renew it, it’ll only cost you $10 because of the 20% discount in the ARMAS marketplace.

What are the benefits?

  • The 90% boost in Contact Standing will allow you to unlock content faster.
  • The 125% bonus to APB$ will allow you to comfortably fatten up your bank account.
  • 20% discount in the ARMAS Marketplace means you’re rewarded for your loyalty!
  • 50% reduced cooldowns on activated abilities means you’re able to use Nitro Boost more frequently, stock up on ammo, and many others that could give you the upper-hand in an intense battle.
  • You’re able to create symbols with 100 layers, instead of only 25.
  • The free trials on ARMAS weapons are extended, to aid you in deciding if this is the gun for you or not.

Is it worth it?

Should you get APB premium? Like most choices, this really depends on what you want it for. If you think that this will help you become a better player, it won’t. Similar to other things in life, only practice and commitment will help you get better. On a different note, if you’re enjoying your time with APB and want to support it, this is one of many ways. If you’re unable to dedicate time to grind your way to more content, Premium helps you make up for lost time on contact progression, and you could easily buy a permanent version of a weapon you use a lot to avoid paying the 10 day weapon lease fee.

Can I pause my premium time?

Your premium time does not stop, even if you aren’t playing the game. (I’ve heard that if you have premium, but are planning on not playing for awhile, you can contact support to have them freeze the premium time to prevent it from being wasted. I can’t guarantee that this works.)