APBHouse Progress Update #1

APBHouse Progress Update #1

So after hesitating to tell people about my little project here, I decided to post on the forums just to gain some feedback from the small audience who sometimes wander by the “Fan Sites” subsection on the Gamersfirst APB forums.

I have this feeling that wished I had asked for public feedback earlier, but I think with the small amount of content that I was able to hammer out was a better foundation for people to help provide criticism.

I’ve definitely gained important ideas and gave me a sense of direction for the time being. The only thing I’m afraid of is my weakness in the design aspect. But hopefully I’ll be able to punch out a solid amount of content that design can be addressed further down the road instead.

I need to put my focus on making content “new-player-friendly” and even more digestible. This brings up another scenario in that I hope it won’t be too player friendly where it would turn away experienced players. I think that can easily be solved by making a dedicated “get-started” group of pages that will help allow new players to clearly understand the terms and mechanics that come with APB Reloaded.

Seriously, I’m very grateful for those who took the time to give input.

So for now, I’ll probably just revise existing articles because it just occurred to me that some of things on APBDB are outdated.