ARMAS Marketplace

ARMAS Marketplace

Note: Currency will be referred to by the US dollar.

The ARMAS Marketplace is accessible both in your web browser and in-game. There’s a huge selection of items you can buy. The most active categories usually are clothing and weapons. You can also buy more character slots and change your name if need be.

How do I get G1C?

There are many ways to acquire G1C. Various payment methods are accepted. They include:

Credit/Debit Card – Visa/Mastercard/Discover/American Express
Bank Transfer
Pre-paid Card – Karma Koin/Paysafecard/Mint
Other – Skrill/Paymentwall

You can also earn G1C by doing third party offers and surveys. Be very careful with these, you might receive spam from the emails you provide, and you might run into nasty viruses or malware with the downloads. Proceed with extreme caution. Gamersfirst does not provide any support for these, and in most cases, will not be able to help you.

How Much Does G1C Cost?

As of now, $5.00 will get you 400 G1C.

So, if you are planning on buying premium, it’ll cost you $15.00 because you are only able to buy in denominators of $5.00.

What Can I Buy With G1C?

Well, the selection is pretty vast. Just check out the APB ARMAS Marketplace for yourself and have a quick browse! Click here to go to open the Marketplace!

Just for fun, here’s a quick list of what you are able to buy.

Free Trial Weapons

free trial weapons

You can also try out weapons for about 30 minutes to see if that weapon is a good fit for you. Also, if you start a test drive on a weapon, you may receive a message that shows your eligibility for a 30% discount.