I’m Banned?

I’m Banned?

Uh oh! Someone’s been naughty recently! If you genuinely feel like you’ve been mistakenly banned, try contacting GamersFirst support with your case. If do decide to appeal your ban, you may be rejected and G1 will not release any specific information pertaining to what triggered the ban except a broad category such as “Utilizing Third-Party Programs”.


Things you can get banned for:

Cheats/Hacks for any game – APB utilizes PunkBuster, which basically works like an anti-virus scanner and looks for known cheats on your computer. The cheat doesn’t even have to be APB related. Punkbuster scans for ALL types of cheats, and if it is in their database, it’ll trigger a ban.

Scamming – You can role play anything you’d like in San Paro. Just not as con artists.

Macros(?) – APB also utilizes FairFight, which keeps track of players’ behaviors and tendencies.

Account Sharing – Don’t share accounts. If you log onto a friend’s account to create a design, and they later out get banned for cheats, you may be banned as well due to your fingerprints on the account.

Crosshairs – Any overlays or files can lead to a ban. (actually, I’m not too sure on this policy).

Shaders – Shaders are not allowed. Bannable.

Altering Game Files – Not recommended to change any game files. If you insist on trying to gain more FPS, try USPStyle’s Advanced APB Launcher.

Player Harassment/Griefing – I think you start off as warnings , but they can eventually lead up to a ban after repeated offenses.

Racially Offensive Customizations/Names – No Nazi symbols please.

Explicit Customizations – Sorry, no more genitals, or boobies. (the boobies ban is new to me. they were allowed before. just no wangs. but no boobs now either).

Fraudulent Payment – Any charge-backs will cause the account to be permanently penalized. Don’t touch mommy’s purse, she didn’t raise a criminal.

Real World Trading – Typical in most/all games. You don’t actually own anything in-game, so selling it for currency outside of the game is a big no-no.