The Blowtorch is an orange character mod that upon activation, wields a blowtorch to your character for 30 seconds that repairs all vehicles.

You are able to repair any vehicle, both friendlies and non-friendlies, until the duration of the mod runs out. The only exception is grayed names that you see above other players head around the city.

Damage to the current object being repaired will not stop the progress of repair unlike Gas Stations. Also, it’s impossible to use all the ‘ammo’ in the blowtorch before the duration runs out.


It is unlocked by reaching level two with Aletta Cadagan (Enforcer) or Gumball (Criminal), depending on your faction. You need to be rating 195 to equip it, and it costs $60,000 per modification.

It is also available for lease for 7 days in the Joker Store for $750 and 250 Joker Tickets. With the lease from the Joker Store, there is NO rating limitation to equip it.

In-game Description:

This blowtorch will repair any metal objects it hits, especially useful to keep your vehicle in good repair. Not recommended for use as emergency first aid.


The blowtorch main function is to repair vehicles. It can also double up as a melee weapon, although it is very situational, and you have a limited time frame because of it’s 30 second duration.

The obvious main strategical use for this would be to simply repair cars. For some reason, you can also repair enemy vehicles. This can open up some certain possible scenarios. If you’re opponent is inside a building and his car recently caught on fire, you can repair it before it explodes to prime it. As soon as he comes out of the building and enters his car, you can easily shoot down the heavily damaged car.