Car Spawner

Car Spawner

The Car Spawner is a small machine that is distinguishable with a small logo of a car on top of it. Every gas station in the game has an area to spawn cars in. There are certain areas that have logos on the ground to help designate that the area is where players can spawn in their vehicles. To spawn a car, press your interact button or the default ‘F’ key while standing in front of the vehicle spawner.

I Can’t Spawn My Car!

This simply means that the vehicle spawn circle is currently being blocked, or an error message will show that another player is currently in your car.

Does it Cost Money?

It depends on the type of vehicle you currently have equipped. The spawning costs can vary from being completely free to the maximum of $100 per spawned car.

What Else Can I Do?

You can resupply weapons at a car spawner and change weapons, vehicles, symbols, themes, character mods, outfits, and consumables.

Fun Fact: Certain car spawners were only available to one side of the faction. Meaning that if you were a Criminal, you weren’t able to use an Enforcer labeled car spawner.