Car Surfer

Car Surfer

Car surfer is a blue character mod that allows a player to stay on top of a car without falling off.

Alternative blue modifications consist of Happy Landings, Hard Landings, and Valzipram Tablets.


It is unlocked and sent to your mail free by reaching level 7 with Ernst ‘Mule’ Templeton (Enforcer) or Birth (Criminal), and is only usable for ratings 195 and up. Additional mods are purchasable for $60,000 a piece.

You can also lease Car Surfer for 7 days for $750 and 250 Joker Tickets from the Joker Distribution Store with no rating restrictions.

In-game Description:

“By utilizing years of training in balance and poise, you are able to keep steady on the roofs of moving vehicles.”


Car surfer plays very well with certain weapons. For example, an ALIG or OSMAW that typically cannot be fired within a vehicle is very effective on top of a moving car.

A counter to a person surfing on top of a car would be a high velocity rifle of any sort, as they allow you to place precise shots, and allow a higher chance of teammates finishing off the kill.

Car surfer has the feature of allowing two-door vehicles to carry more occupants than regularly allowed. You can stack as many teammates as you want during a mission, but at some point, it’ll start to look like a flock of balloons waiting for an OSMAW to be fired at the right time.

You can catch rides much faster as all you have to do is hop on top of the vehicle, but that still leaves you vulnerable to enemy fire.