Character Editor

Character Editor

APB Character Editor
“…Doctor, that’s not the nose…”

Thanks to the unique composition of the citizens and scientific advances in San Paro, you’re eligible for a complete body makeover! As you can see, you’re able to change your hair, face, eyes, body, skin, scars, makeup, tattoos and facial/body hair. Make sure you’ve accomplished enough legitimate/illegitimate activities to increase your bank roll, because procedures are a bit expensive for the financial unstable.

The bottom right will show your invoice, listing the change and the price associated with it. You can remove changes using the red icon with the trash can, but there’s no undo button on it.


With certain categories, you’re able to click and drag the middle of the screen to alter features. Try dragging from left to right or up and down. Some might be limited to either or and some will allow you to modify both directions freely.

Too Many Tattoos?

Are you wondering why the game is giving you a message saying that you have too many tattoos? Basically, you no longer have premium which allowed you the benefits of having extra layers. To be able to do any changes regarding even the physical features of your character, you must delete tattoo layers back to 3.

Stop Character Animation

To stop the character from moving around while editing, press the PAUSE icon to the top right of the screen.

Change Camera

To change the camera, press the three buttons next to the play/pause button.

  • The Head button allows you to zoom in very close to your character’s head. This locks onto your head as the center of rotation. Right clicking allows you to view around the head.
  • The Torso button allows you to pan up and down a character’s body. This one is best used for aligning designs.
  • The last button creates the center of focus near the waist region.

Tattoos look different?

Tattoos are a little bit tricky. It’s somewhat difficult to align them and I’ve had a rare issue where the tattoos won’t show up at all in the game. Also, smaller tattoos might not live up to your expectations because of the pixelation that naturally occurs.