Character Slots

Character Slots

Character slots allow you to create another character, enforcer or criminal, without creating a new account. An account originally allows you to have two character slots (correct me if I’m wrong). Slots allow you to help clean up the city as an enforcer, or cause chaos as a criminal.

How much does a slot cost?

Currently in the ARMAS Marketplace, it is listed for 799G1C per slot which is about $10.00. You can receive it at a reduced price if you buy it with premium activated for 639G1C.

Is ARMAS the only way?

Character slots have also been given out previously to players in random events and occurrences. The most recent event I can think of that gave out character slots was during a period of time of server issues. GamersFirst wanted to reward loyal players for their persistence and gave out a redeemable code for any players logged in within a set date.