Clotting Agent

Clotting Agent

This green character mod prevents you from shattering your ankles and having your knee joints exploding on impact.

Alternative green modifications consists of Flak Jacket, Fragile, and Kevlar Implants.

Ingame Description:

“Coagulants in the bloodstream cause any damage taken to regenerate itself much faster, after the initial delay.”

There are THREE variations of Clotting Agent:

Clotting Agent 1 –

Reduces health regen delay by -25%.
Increases health regen time by +25%.
Unlocked at level 3 by Stu Phoenix (enforcer) or Shift (criminal).
Rating 20 required to equip.

Clotting Agent 2 –

Reduces health regen delay by -50%.
Increases health regen time by +50%.
Unlocked at level 3 by Darryl Kent (enforcer) or Harmon Benjamin (criminal).
Rating 30 required to equip.

Clotting Agent 3 –

Reduces health regen delay by -80%.
Increases health regen time by +100%.
Unlocked at level 3 by Chiza (enforcer) or Benita Benjamin (criminal).
Rating 40 required to equip.

The price of the mod costs $10,000/$20,000/$60,000 respectively.


A San Paro essential.

This modification was almost exclusively used back in the days. Now since technology has advanced, you have access to a wider array of utilities, such as Flak Jacket. I’d get more in-depth, but that’s another article.

Clotting Agent 1 is only discussed in why it’s not used. To be honest, I’ve never done the numbers on it, but CA2/CA3 seem more effective than this one.

Clotting Agent 3 is recommended for CQC combat. Simply, there’s no delay for your health to start regenerating, but the regeneration rate is much slower than the previous mods/no mod.

Clotting Agent 2 has been a contender with CA3 because of it’s higher regeneration rate. But, it still offers a delay to the regeneration that can be a huge negative during a firefight, as constant damage will prevent any sort of healing to take place. CA2 is seen more practical for longer ranged players who rely more on cover and have more downtime to allow CA2 to fully heal a player.