Colby RSA

Colby RSA

The Colby RSA is one of the many secondary weapons available in the game. Alternatives include the ACT 44, Colby SNR 850, Joker RFP-9, N-FA 9, Obeya FBW, and the S-AS PDW.

Ingame Description:

“Created in the late 1800s, the Colby Revolving Side Arm .44 caliber still holds up today as a shining example of a large-bore handgun. It’s rounds do a lot of damage at medium range, though the cylinder design gives it a low firing rate.”


The Colby RSA is quite the behemoth. It does 350 per shot, but has a very slow fire rate, .85s per shot. At maximum efficiency, a player could technically take out eight players with all of it’s given ammunition without resupplying.

The RSA was commonly combo’d with the HVR 762 to utilize a tactic called “quickswitching”. QSing is now officially gone since the update to the HVR which nerfed it’s crosshair acquisition time.

I’ve spent some time with the RSA, and I take it back. I change my mind and I think it’s an amazing weapon. I still stand by my opinion that it isn’t the BEST weapon for closer range engagement because of it’s high (1.70s) Time-to-Kill. But it’s an amazing weapon that covers a very large range if you’re utilizing a close range primary weapon, like an SMG or shotgun. I feel like it’s effective for me up to about 70m. Past that, enemies become more difficult to hit because the crosshairs aren’t very “tight” which allows for a wider spread, and the range causes a significant decrease in damage.

Health Damage 350
Stamina Damage 100
Hard Damage 52.50
Time to kill 1.70s
Shots to kill 3
Equip Time 1.00s
Fire Interval 0.850s
Reload Time 2.20s
Ammo Capacity 24
Magazine Capacity 6