Colby SNR 850

Colby SNR 850

The Colby SNR 850 is one of the many secondary weapons available in the game. Alternatives include the ACT 44, Colby RSA, Joker RFP-9, N-FA 9, Obeya FBW, and the S-AS PDW.

The Colby ‘Snub-Nose Revolver’ is limited to the close quarters side of the combat field. It deals a surprising amount of damage @ 300 per shot, but it takes a whopping 1.50s to kill with four bullets.

It also costs $300 at a contact. I think throwing the ammunition would be more effectively than firing it from this weapon.

Ingame Description:

“The easily-concealed Colby Snub-Nose Revolver does respectable damage from a short distance. The short barrel hampers accuracy but allows for exceptionally fast draw times.”


Did you lose a bet or something?

Seriously, ever since they’ve changed the default secondary into the FBW, these little puppies have nearly gone extinct. It doesn’t carry the best of reputations but players who do die by it are instantly ridiculed.

The short range and the wild inaccuracy of the weapon makes this a no go on my list. I’d recommend any of the automatic pistols (NFA 9 | SAS PDW) for a slightly less crappy time, or the good ol’ trusty Obeya FBW.

In short, if you’re using this weapon, you’re going to have a bad time.


The pros include:

It Kind Of Hurts? – 300 damage per shot…if you are able to land the shots that is…

Quick Draw – Equip time @ 0.10s. I think it’s the fastest in the game.

The cons include:

Short Reach – Makes sense. A weapon of this size is something you could hide in your fanny pack.

Time Consuming Deaths – It just takes too long to kill somebody. That’s a phrase that I don’t think I would have ever typed. 1.5s TKK and higher if you can’t land every shot.

Replaceable – There are so many other alternatives that excel in their niche. This gun excels at being mediocre.


Health Damage 300
Stamina Damage 20
Hard Damage 45
Time to kill 1.50s
Shots to kill 4
Equip Time 0.10s
Fire Interval 0.50s
Reload Time 2.00s
Ammo Capacity 60
Magazine Capacity 6


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