Concussion Grenades

Concussion Grenades


Concussion Grenades

Concussion grenades allow players to heavily maim and impair both people and vehicles as they explode with a white cloud. Concussions are able to deal a maximum of 990 health damage, and 600 stamina damage.

Keep in mind that it’s explosion radius is pretty small, limited to about 4 meters. Direct hits are more difficult compared to a fragmentation grenade, but with a well timed explosion, the damage caused is absolutely devastating.

According to, this grenade can cause around 1,108 hard damage to vehicles, which is the highest of all grenades. Prior to it’s nerf, this explosive was able to explode most vehicles with one grenade, or cause extremely heavy damage.

In-game Description:

“Concussion grenades cause extreme destruction within a small blast radius.”


It is recommended to cook this grenade to surprise your enemies. To cook a grenade, you simply hold down the grenade button for a certain amount of time before letting it go. If you hold it for too long, it will explode in your hands.