Access controls in-game by pressing O to get into your options, and then select controls on the left side of the menu that pops up. You can redefine your controls here, or you can default them if you’d like to return to the original default state.

apb control menu


Action Key
Forward W
Backward S
Left A
Right D
Jump Spacebar
Sprint Shift
Crouch Left Control


Action Key
Activate/Deactivate Character Mod 5
Fire Weapon Left Mouse
Grenade G
Lean Left Q
Lean Right E
Marksmanship Mode (Hold) Right Mouse
Next Weapon 1
Previous Weapon 2
Reload R
Witness (enforcers only) Alt


Action Key
Activate/Deactivate Vehicle Mod Shift
Backward S
Forward W
Turn Left A
Turn Right D
Handbrake Spacebar
Horn Left Mouse
Left Turn Signal Q
Right Turn Signal E
Vehicle Special Function (sirens/lights) Right Mouse


Action Key
Drop Item X
Action F
Player Interaction Menu >
Ready for Mission K
Push to Talk Z


Action Key
Rotate Left Left
Rotate Right Right
Switch Camera Position V
Toggle Camera Distance D
Zoom In =
Zoom Out -


Action Key
Music Player P
Next Track ]
Previous Track [
Resume/Pause Right Control or \


Action Key
Accept Offer Y
Call For Backup B
Character Info J
Chat Channel Commands F9
Chat Console Commands F10
Chat Emote Commands F11
Clan Management <
Decline Offer N
Groups & Friends U
Inventory I
Last Hint H
Locker L
Main Chat Scroll Up Page Up
Main Chat Scroll Down Page Down
Map M
Open Full Chat Home
Options O
Quick Chat /
Quick Reply Backspace
Scoreboard Tab
Screenshot Pause
Toggle HUD F12