If you’ve already played the game, you’ll notice that the crosshairs have three different colors. White crosshairs, red crosshairs, and green crosshairs.

  • White means that you aren’t targeted anyone currently.
  • Green means you are currently aiming at a teammate.
  • Red means that you are currently aiming at an enemy.

You should keep in mind that even if you think you are aiming at an enemy, the crosshairs might stay white. Don’t be discouraged, as you can sometimes still hit enemies.

Sweep the Outline

This helps you take advantage of the cover system in APB. Sometimes cover is too short and will still allow you to hit players even if they aren’t completely visible to you.

Take your crosshairs, and sweep it along the outline of a piece of cover your enemy is currently utilizes. It’s almost like finding gold. If successful, you’ll see the change to red, and then you can proceed to fire shots. This is perfect for hindering your enemies health regeneration progress, and can possibly net you a kill.

This is just a small habit I incorporate into my play. If you aren’t able to land any hits, plan your next move and move on. Try not to waste too much time otherwise you increase the odds of becoming flanked and waste more ammunition than necessary.