My argument for why Enforcers should be able to claim each other’s bounties.

My argument for why Enforcers should be able to claim each other’s bounties.

Note: I know, I know. Aero, you’re still missing a bunch of valuable statistics and information! I promise you I’m still working on it, I’m just trying to sift through what I have and make sure what I have is fact and not outdated. In the meanwhile, I want to argue for the ability of being able to claim bounties on an Enforcer, as an Enforcer. Just like how criminals were able to do so back in the good old days.

I think one fix that could work is just go back to how criminals were allowed to kill both enforcers and criminals without penalty. Both Factions should be allowed to kill their own when they hit Prestige 5/Notoriety 5.

Now, you might ask, why should Enforcers be allowed to kill their own? That makes no sense.
Actually, it does. In the intro of the game, Jane Darren promises a “Safer San Paro” with her City Security Act, or CSA. The reporter attacks her with the statement saying “The City Security Act? That’s your big idea? Giving every ‘yahoo’ out there a license to roam the streets armed?”

It wouldn’t be a long stretch to know that some enforcers are ‘dirty cops’ and are more money motivated instead of trying to provide that Safer San Paro. A P5 Enforcer would have that typical bounty placed on his head, and dirty cops wouldn’t hesitate on taking out a cop who has done things by the books to reach that rank of prestige.

That’s why both factions should be able to claim the bounty. The Prestige 5 Enforcers could claim self defense, and it’s not like there seems to be a functioning court to hold trials in the city. Criminals can collect, or should collect bounties on each other because they’re criminals.

They have no rules. Survival of the fittest. Enforcers are just could-be-criminals behind a badge.


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