Explosives is a purple vehicle modification that increases the vehicle’s explosion radius by a certain percentage depending on the variation of the modification.

Alternative purple modifications are Fast-Fix Chassis and High Burn Fuel.

In-game Description:

“Explosives and shrapnel within the vehicle’s frame slightly/moderately/greatly increase the blast radius when it explodes.”

There are THREE variations of Explosives:

Explosives 1 – 

Increases blast radius by +15%.
Unlocked at level 4 by Akiko X (enforcer) or Javez (criminal).
Rating 30 required to equip.

Explosives 2 –

Increases blast radius by +30%.
Unlocked at level 4 by Byeong Lee (enforcer) or Grayson Fell (criminal).
Rating 40 required to equip.

Explosives 3 –

Increases blast radius by +45%.
Unlocked at level 5 by Orlenz’ Moretti (enforcer) or Arlon Benjamin (criminal).
Rating 85 required to equip.

The price of the mod costs $10,000/$20,000/$60,000 respectively.


This modification plays a key part in the deadly Remote Detonator/Brick combination, where you utilize your vehicle as a kamikaze delivery device. All you need to do for this strategy is to aim at a target or targets and activate brick mod. As soon as your vehicle gets close to it’s destination, activate your Remote Detonator to explode. Keep in mind that on the Remote Detonator modification, there is a delay that increases the further you are from your vehicle.

I’ve been caught off guard walking near vehicles too close without realizing the car has been equipped with Explosives. Adding this onto your car can also be a double edged sword since the increased blast radius can work against your favor.