Fast-Fix Chassis

Fast-Fix Chassis

Fast-Fix Chassis

Fast-Fix Chassis is a purple vehicle modification that increases the vehicle’s explosion radius by a certain percentage depending on the variation of the modification.

Alternative purple modifications are Explosives and High Burn Fuel.

In-game Description:

“Explosives and shrapnel within the vehicle’s frame slightly/moderately/greatly increase the blast radius when it explodes.”

There are THREE variations of Fast-Fix Chassis:

Fast-Fix Chassis 1 – 

Reduces repair time by –10%.
Unlocked at level 4 by Saul Linklater (enforcer) or Lilith Bloodrose (criminal).
Rating 30 required to equip.

Fast-Fix Chassis 2 –

Reduces repair time by –20%.
Unlocked at level 4 by Hea Choi (enforcer) or Jeung Bloodrose (criminal).
Rating 40 required to equip.

Fast-Fix Chassis 3 –

Reduces repair time by –30%.
Unlocked at level 5 by Justin Teng (enforcer) or Michael Simeone (criminal).
Rating 85 required to equip.

The price of the mod costs $10,000/$20,000/$60,000 respectively.


This is my personal favorite on vehicles.

There’s no negative side effect and you can coast your vehicle through the gas station and it repairs a huge chunk of health in a shorter amount of time. I’m quite the money saver so I prefer to have my car stay functional as long as it can before I’m forced to respawn another car.

Although, if you think you’re car is exploding more than you can try to repair it, you might want to equip High Burn Fuel, which would allow you to safely exit your about-to-explode vehicle as it turns the explosion into a harmless poof of white smoke.