Field Supplier

Field Supplier

The Field Supplier is an Orange Character Mod that allows players to deploy an ammo box for 30 seconds, and allows the player and friendly teammates to resupply and change weapons.


It is unlocked by completing the “Movement & Actions” category in the in-game tutorial. To access the tutorial, press T. To keep track of tutorials, select the box on the bottom right of the screen that says “Show tutorial panel on HUD.”

how to get field supplier

In-game Description:

A Field Deployment Kit that allows players and any teammates nearby to resupply ammunition and switch weapon loadouts.


Very useful. There are many occasions you might find yourself using or needing this. If you’re on defense, you might run out of ammunition as objectives usually don’t have areas that allow you to resupply from.

This mod also allows you to change your load out during a battle, which can help you adapt to the situation at hand. If you need to change to a long range weapon, this modification will allow you to do that almost anywhere. The only restriction would be the cooldown period, which is 240 second for free players, and 120 seconds for premium players.