Fireproofing is a red vehicle mod that reduces the damage of an engine fire, extending the duration of how long a vehicle can be on fire before it explodes.

Alternative red modifications consist of Armored Engine and Muffler.

Ingame Description:

“Fire Retardant material around the engine slows the spread of flames, slightly reducing the damage it takes from internal fire damage.”

There are THREE variations of Fireproofing:

Fireproofing 1 – 

Reduces engine fire by -20%.
Unlocked at level 2 by Saul Linklater (enforcer) or Lilith Bloodrose (criminal).
Rating 30 required to equip.

Fireproofing 2 –

Reduces engine fire by -35%.
Unlocked at level 3 by Hea Choi (enforcer) or Jeung Bloodrose (criminal).
Rating 40 required to equip.

Fireproofing 3 –

Reduces engine fire by -50%.
Unlocked at level 3 by Justin Teng (enforcer) or Michael Simeone (criminal).
Rating 85 required to equip.

The price of the mod costs $10,000/$20,000/$60,000 respectively.


I do not remember the last time I saw this on someone’s vehicle. I think a green, blue and purple combination on a 3 slot vehicle is way more effective and beneficial versus a red mod as a substitute.

This modification allows your car to live just a little bit longer, depending on which version you get, during the engine fire stage. But with most players, the engine fire stage usually is a big visual alert to get away from your vehicle, as fast as possible. This doesn’t apply if you’ve equipped High Burn Fuel as your purple mod.

Then again, High Burn Fuel would make this mod useless.