Flak Jacket

Flak Jacket

Flak Jacket is a green character modification that reduces explosive damage by 40%, but you carry one less grenade.


Flak Jacket is unlocked by reaching level 13 with Ernst ‘Mule’ Templeton (Enforcer) or Birth (Criminal). They require Rating 195, and cost $60,000 per modification.

You can also lease Flak Jacket for 7 days for $750 and 250 Joker Tickets from the Joker Distribution Store with no rating restrictions.

Ingame Description:

“Flak Jackets consist of a number of steel plates stitched into any available clothing. Designed to reduce any shrapnel and other explosive effects, this modification heavily reduces any damage from any explosive weaponry, though you do lose a bit of pocket space.”


I really liked this modification when it was first released to the general public. Back in the days when I played a lot, I was a lazy player, so I would try to stay long range. This of course came with it’s cons, such as players throwing grenades to try and flush me out of my position.

With this mod, clotting agent isn’t an issue because I’m usually in cover, safely regenerating health.

I’d also highly recommend this to players who are either very skilled at CQC and can utilize cover efficiently, or to send themselves in like kamikazes, trying to do as much damage as possible before dying which would allow their team to try and possibly exploit the newly created opening.