Free CR-5 PR2 and Skin!

Free CR-5 PR2 and Skin!

Joker CR5

I know! I’m a tad bit late, but better than never. For those who still don’t know, there’s an ARMAS promo code that allows you to redeem ONE PERMANENT CR-5 PR2, which is equipped with Hunting Sight 3 and Improved Rifling 3!…and a USA skin.

Not sure where it originally came from or who discovered it first, but I first saw it on Reddit via /u/XRey360 and then on the APB Forums posted by user ‘damn2112’.

Oh, it’s on the main page of ARMAS! Derp. It’s related to an event where you need to kill 500 players with an assault rifle. The reward is 25 Joker Mystery Boxes. And you need to do this over 5 days (i think). So that means 100 kills per day! 500 kills divided by 25 JMBs equals 20 kills per box! Hopefully you guys can get some free premium and perhaps a Mountie Yukon!

Anyways, visit the ARMAS Marketplace and click on Redeem Code. Enter ‘GloryDays‘, and you should receive a CR-5 PR2, and the USA Weapon Skin.