Getting Started

Getting Started

Download the game by clicking here!


You need to create an account to play All Points Bulletin: Reloaded! Doing so is very simple. Click here to download the game. You’ll need the following basic information to register an account.

  • an email
  • a password
  • and date of birth.

Validate your account through the email sent to you. Once you finish downloading the game, install it like you would any other program.

Register an account on Gamersfirst
Register an account on the Gamersfirst website.

When you start up APB, the game launcher will show. You can expect it to download a patch before you’re able to find the start button next to the orange and gray bars. Consider asking your friends to play with you! It has been scientifically proven that APB: Reloaded is 10x more fun when playing with friends versus playing alone.

APB Reloaded's game launcher.
APB has frequent patches that happen every week. They’re usually under 100mb.

The game should start loading now. Once you get past the introductions, you should see a slowly panning freeze frame of a shoot out. This will be known as the main menu, where you can login.

If you linked or downloaded the game through steam then it should automatically log you in or you’ll have the option to login through steam.

login screen
APB Reloaded’s login screen.

There also might be a window that pops up that talks about ARMAS items. That isn’t too important right now. But simply explained, if you are low on time and can’t afford to grind out levels, then this is a place where you take your wallet to.


Characters will take up one ‘Character Slot’, and they will be bound to a server and faction. You have the option to buy more slots if you fill up the ones they give you, but it is highly recommended for you to stick to one character before you try to pick up another persona.

The servers of current are:

Jericho [NA]

Citadel [EU]

Han [HK]

(You can also check the current server status by clicking here!)

The game will give you a recommendation of which server to select based on your location. When you have finally decided on your desired faction and server, you will be taken to another screen that is the character creator.

Don’t spend too much time on this, as you will be able to change all the features available in this screen, except for your gender. (names can be changed, but at a price of real money)

apb character creator
That’s an impressive treasure trail.

District Select

Once you’ve locked in your character with your desired name, you will be taken to a loading screen, which will throw you into your first “district”. Financial is more known for being close quarter combat, while Waterfront is a bit more long range friendly.

Tip: Play Some Deathmatch: Fight Club!

If you want to get used to the game mechanics, I would recommend trying out a mode called fight club. It is, in its core, team deathmatch. It’s good for new players because the action is constant in a populated server and you would avoid the abuse of having the Trainee symbol labeled on you.

To elaborate on that, when I made a new account as a reference for this APBhouse project, I was kicked from the current mission because they automatically associated the ‘Trainee’ symbol with a new player. They wanted nothing to do with me. Luckily now, to prevent kick abuse, players can only be kicked with a demerit badge. Of course, that still doesn’t prevent the abuse of current players against new players, so it’s best to keep your head down and play a few missions until you obtain a rank, and to avoid taking anything personal from what players might say to you.

Getting Better via Fight Club

My theory is that Fight Club would help ease you into the game, since there’s no pressure of completing missions (people are really competitive and there exists both sore losers and winners) and you’d be less likely to run into verbal abuse from other players. (the command /ignore “playername” is useful if this does happen) I’d say maybe a couple days, ~10 hours of game time in fight club would make you combat ready. But, you still have much to learn to fully understand the concepts and mechanics of missions and driving.

Random Tips

For now, the only advice I have to offer is this.

  • When you “Ready Up” in a Mission District (Financial/Waterfront), the APB logo shows up with sirens, it’ll notify you that the matchmaking system has found you opponents. You are now playing against other real people.
  • Orange icons in a mission means you are currently attacking something. Blue icons in a mission means you are currently defending something..
  • In both scenarios, you are either competing against the clock in order to successfully fend off attackers or to attack a location or object to successfully complete the objectives.

(for attackers, objectives range from shooting objects, interacting with objects, or holding points.)

  • Pressing F on most things will allow you to interact with them. If it’s not working, look at it and get closer.
  • Pressing M will show you a map. It’s not very detailed. You can left or right click to make a personal checkpoint or a team checkpoint that shows for all your team.
  • It might seem like you’re dying really fast. That’s just the type of gameplay this game offers. People refer to it as low TTK, or time to kill. Things that can do heavy damage and rapidly accelerate your death are HVRs (sniper rifle), OPGL (grenade launcher – can one hit kill), and moving/exploding vehicles.
  • There is a hud option to make your screen show roughly how much health you have. The exception is that it heavily hinders your view of the game.
  • By default, your chat is set to /s or /say which is limited to a certain amount of distance around your character.
  • If you want to communicate directly to a player, type /w playername.
  • If you want to communicate to the entire server, type /d or /district.
  • If you want to communicate to the your team (works both in missions and fight club), type /t or /team.
  • Try to make friends. This game becomes much more fun with people you’re having a good time with.
  • Sometimes, you might be placed against players completely out of your league in skill and/or equipment. I always took it as a challenge to try and outperform them.

I will try my best to add and revise articles. Please do not hesitate to contact me for more information and to give me feedback. I usually have my phone on me, so you can expect relatively quick replies.