Hard Landings

Hard Landings


This Blue Character Mod allows you to land at any speed without bracing for impact. You take the phrase “hit the ground running” literally with this modification. 

Alternative blue modifications consist of Happy LandingsValzipram Tablets and Car Surfer.

Reduces fall recovery time by 100%.
Increases fall damage by 10%.
Increases damage when landing on a target by 75%.

Ingame Description:

“Extensive training has improved your ability to land correctly, allowing you to take slightly less damage when falling from a height.”



Hard Landings is unlocked at level 13 by Devil Dog (Enforcer) or Tip Toe (Criminal). It requires Rating 195 to be equippable. Additional mods can be purchased for $60,000.

You can also lease this from the Joker Distribution Store for $750 + J250 for 7 days with no rating restriction.



I don’t think you need this. If APB had a quicker loadout selection, this might be useful if you know you’re going into a location that has various height differences that would actual benefit from using this mod. But it just seems far too situational, at least for me, to warrant being used constantly.

Also, this might throw off players since they might not expect a no-animation fall, but the damage you occur can negate the surprise you gain.

Combining Hard Landings and Fragile makes running around Social District a little bit more fun since no fall damage is given out.