High Burn Fuel

High Burn Fuel

High Burn Fuel

High Burn Fuel is a Purple Vehicle Modification that completely negatives the damage that happens during an explosion of a vehicle a replaces it with a white poof of smoke.

Alternative purple modifications are Fast-Fix Chassis and Explosives.


High Burn Fuel is unlocked by reaching level 16 with Aletta Cadagan (Enforcer) or Gumball (Criminal). They have a 195 rating requirement, and cost $60,000 per modification.

You can also lease High Burn Fuel for 7 days for $750 and 250 Joker Tickets from the Joker Distribution Store.

In-game Description:

“Specialized fuel that only ignites under heavy compression removes the dangerous explosion that often occurs under fire during the San Paro daily commute.”


If you find yourself driving through the wrong neighborhoods, this might be the modification for you. Keep in mind that you need to be outside of the vehicle before it explodes or you can still die from it.

If you find yourself just needing to repair your car often, Quick-fix Chassis is a far better alternative and comes with no side effects.