How to Equip Modifications?

How to Equip Modifications?

How To Equip Modifications?

To equip modifications, you need to interact with a mailbox, Joker Ammo Vending Machine, a field supplier or a car spawn.

equip modificationsTo equip character mods, click on the second tab labeled “Character” and then click on an empty Character Mods slot. Locked character mods simply means that you need to reach a higher level to unlock them.

You can also change your equipment here, which are items that allow you to complete objectives faster. Higher levels of equipment gear are unlocked by doing lots of objective points. You can check your progress on them by pressing ‘J’ which is the Character Info tab.

equip modifications

Once selected, you’ll be taken to the screen above, which shows you all of your available character modifications. Simply press “select” on the bottom right of this screen, and your character mod will now be equipped!

What does Rating mean?

Some modifications have a Rating Restriction, meaning that you are unable to equip it because your Rating is too low. To increase your rating, you need to play more missions in the Action Districts!

Also, avoid pledging to contacts that have been fully progressed, as you’ll just be wasting your time and the standing you’ve gained.

One of the first modifications you should have equipped would be the Field Supplier which allows you to resupply your ammo anywhere on the map as long as it isn’t on cooldown. Keep in mind that this leaves you vulnerable as you’re unable to move or fire back at enemies.