How to Make Money?

How to Make Money?

APB how to make money
Yes. I know how idiotic my character looks. Money changes people, okay?

There are tons of ways to make money in APB Reloaded. But by that definition, that could mean I could make you $1 dollar richer, and then you’d hate me for wasting your time. But I would never do that to you. APB features customization that’s pretty extensive for its genre. Character and vehicular customization are the main stars that allow players freedom to express who they are, or want to be as.

But in order to customize your experience, it WILL cost a lot of in game money. Well, how do you earn all this money? Allow me to explain.

Witness a Criminal

(enforcers only)

If you are driving down a street and you see handcuffs next to a criminal’s name, that means they’ve recently been committing crimes affecting the good citizens of San Paro. They’ve been acquiring dirty money, and the final step for the criminals to take is to pawn them off at a local contact, and then take that money to a certain location to launder the money.

But, you are able to intercept and steal their illegally acquired money, and legally claim it as your own!

To witness a criminal, press the ALT key on the criminal in question. There’s a short window of time so act quickly! Criminals can have up to thousands of dollars in dirty money. Once you’ve witnessed the criminal, you initiate combat over the goods in question. The objective is won when one side is able to retrieve the money onto their drop off.

The best thing is that all the money goes straight into your pockets.

Ram Raiding

(criminals only)

Ram Raiding runs are one of the riskiest ways to earn large sums of money. I’ve seen a criminal run an operation with as much as $200,000. That’s time and commitment at its best. If you factor in the notoriety multiplier,

Ram Raiding requires a player to take their vehicle and drive into store fronts. Store fronts are indicated with the crosshairs once moused over a store, and gain an orange outline.

Then, you need to deliver your items to a criminal contact, and then take your money to a laundering spot that will be shown on your HUD.

Ram Raiding puts you in competition with other criminals since stores have a cool down timer before they restock with goods. Enforcers may also try to witness you and claim your illicit goods for themselves. That is where the high risk comes in.

Another factor that should be noted is that your notoriety bar directly affects the rewards you gain when you turn in the goods. It’s up to you to decide how long you want to hold on to your money before you want to cash in, or possibly lose it all.


The marketplace provides a place for players to sell their creations to the public. Players have the option to sell items like an auction or set a ‘buy now’ price.

San Paro has a creative community that contains interesting and unique creations made by players. Items like songs, custom vehicles and designs are player-made and are available on the marketplace.

Auctions that aren’t sold are returned to you through the mailbox. For auctions that are sold, money is sent to you through the mailbox as well.

A list of things you can sell are

  • Songs
  • Themes
  • Cars
  • Clothing
  • Symbols
  • Weapons*

*only legendary weapons can be sold. legendary weapons can be bought from other players or acquired through Joker Boxes.