How to Instantly Enter a Vehicle!

How to Instantly Enter a Vehicle!


During your time in the beautifully destructive city of San Paro, you may have noticed some strange occurences. More specifically, you might have seen players magically warp into a vehicle without the animation. Are they cheating? How are they doing this?

It’s the end product of an interesting mechanic when a door of a vehicle is too close to another object to initiate the “open door” animation. Try it out the next time you’re in the city. Try to park your car at an acute angle along a solid object. You might even notice that there was no animation to exit the vehicle and it just popped you out to the safest nearby location. If you try to walk up into this angle you created and enter the vehicle, you should be able to instantly get into the vehicle.

It’s an interesting solution as it does give an advantage to a player whose able to utilize it because it gives them safety without the cons of having to deal with the vulnerability of being in middle of an animation.

You probably shouldn’t try to constantly set up your vehicles in a particular way because the time that it takes for you to set this up properly during a mission might negate all the time you might save by being able to utilize this trick.


TL:DR – Find a vehicle whose door might be blocked by another object, but with enough space to press F or Interact button, by the door and you should be able to warp instantly inside the vehicle.