Joker Ammunition

Joker Ammunition

APB Joker Ammunition
“Hey…why is it legal to buy rockets from a vending machine?…”

If you find yourself low on grenades during missions, you need to stop by one of these Joker Ammunition vending machines! These vending machines allow you purchase ammunition, check how much ammunition you have in total, and modify your character/vehicle/weapon load-out.

How to Purchase Ammo?

To purchase ammo, you simply approach the machine and press F. or your interact button. Clicking on an ammo type will allow you to click on the purchase button on the right side of the screen. Once you click purchase, a slider will pop up, showing how much the ammunition will cost for that amount.

Ammunition Costs?

Ammo Price Per Single
9mm $7/75 $0.09
Concussion $75/5 $15.00
Eight-ball $10/10 $1.00
Frag $40/5 $8.00
Half-brick $10/10 $1.00
High-Velocity $13/15 $0.87
Light Frag $60/10 $6.00
Machine Gun $13/100 $0.13
Magnum $20/50 $0.40
Micro-Rocket $100/2 $50.00
Percussion Grenade $50/5 $10.00
Rifle $25/75 $0.33
Shotgun $20/25 $0.80
Stun Grenade $75/5 $15.00
40mm Grenade $100/10 $10.00
40mm LTL Grenade $120/10 $12.00
Flares/Fireworks $25/5 $5.00
LTL $10/20 $0.50
LTL Pistol $5/20 $0.25
Rocket $100/1 $100
APB Locker

Vending Machine the only place I can buy Ammo?

Nope. You can also buy ammo when you activate the character modification “Field Supplier”. Pressing the button I will allow you to open your inventory and clicking the ammo icon at the bottom right of the primary/secondary/grenade box will allow you to buy ammunition.

Grenades not resupplying during missions?

Your locker is completely depleted of grenade supplies. You simply need to buy more grenades for them to auto replenish as you respawn during a mission.

APB Weapons Inventory

Fun fact: The previous default secondary weapon was a Colby SNR (Snub-Nose Revolver) which was universally shunned for it’s awfully accuracy and slow firing rate. Many players were encouraged to buy an Obeya FBW as a secondary weapon because of its similarities to the incredibly versatile Joker SR15 Carbine.

Players that were killed by the Colby SNR were also universally made fun of.