Joker CR-5

Joker CR-5

The Joker CR-5, commonly known as the CR5, is an assault rifle that is effective for medium ranged combat, and close ranged combat if you’re crafty enough.

This weapon is a reskin of the NTEC 5, which means they both utilize the same weapon statistics and mechanics. Please click on the link to the NTEC 5 to learn more. Seriously. I can’t write anything about a reskin. Unless I copy what I wrote from the NTEC 5 to this page. But then that’d be weird. I don’t know why exactly it would be weird, but it would just be odd.


It’s exactly identical to the NTEC 5. It just looks and sounds different. Some people may observe that the gun functions differently from the NTEC, but according to the numbers from ingame and APBdb, they are long lost twins.

I think it looks cool.

It also makes cool gun noises.

Others may also think that the gun feels and sounds cooler than the NTEC.

the rest is a bunch of gibberish because I can’t really write much about a reskinned weapon.






If you want to know more about the weapon, please read the NTEC 5 article, since they’re the same weapons underneath.