Joker Distribution

Joker Distribution

What is Joker Distribution?

Joker Distribution is a special store in the Social District that allows players to redeem their Joker Tickets for modifications, vehicle kits, and weapon leases. Joker Tickets are earned in Fight Club, completing Daily Activities, and are present in certain Joker Boxes.


If you decide to purchase any Character Modifications, Flak Jacket and Valzipram Tablets are both very useful modifications that can fit in certain player’s playstyles very well.

Flak Jacket

Flak Jacket allows you to endure more punishment from explosive weapons. If you have a low rating on your character and you don’t have access to Clotting Agent, a character modification that allows you to regenerate health faster at the exchange of when the regeneration starts, then Flak Jacket would prove itself useful in increasing your survivability.

Valzipram Tablets

Valzipram Tablets would assist you in surviving oncoming vehicles. At a vehicle’s top speed, these tablets won’t do much. But at mid-to-low speeds, these tablets can render you practically invulnerable to vehicular assault. I will try to run a few tests in the future to try and obtain facts to give a better representation.


Wilde offers Weapons, Modifications and Vehicles that are offered in late game progression. These items have no restrictions which would normally exist on the permanent versions of the item. Currently, vehicles are the only permanent items listed, except for one version of the Vegas G20-04 “Firebomb” and the Wildcats Chill Wagon. The duration of all the items from Wilde is 7 days.


Ophelia offers Car Kits, Outfits, Clothing Unlocks, and Titles. All items offered by her are permanent.

Regarding the vehicle kits, make sure to click on the item and view it’s description to make sure it’s compatible with the vehicle you wish to apply it on. To apply your new vehicle kit, head over to the Vehicle Customizer in the Social District.


Speedball offers player created content. As an enforcer, I can only see that there’s only 8 items listed for purchase. Four vehicles and four outfits.