Joker RFP-9

Joker RFP-9

The Joker RFP-9 is one of the many secondary weapons available in the game. Alternatives include the ACT 44, Colby RSA, Colby SNR 850, N-FA 9, Obeya FBW, and the S-AS PDW.

The RFP-9 is a three round burst pistol that exhibits strengths in close to near medium range combat.

According to the description, the Joker “Rapid Fire Pistol” was designed as a personal defense weapon for helicopter pilots.

Ingame Description:

“The Joker Rapid Fire Pistol was designed as a Personal Defense Weapon for helicopters pilots. Despite losing the contract to Somatic, the RFP-9 still found favor with the citizens of San Paro, who noticed that the high up-front damage made for an effective way to finish an engagement before it’s even started.”


The RFP is still a decent contender as a secondary for players. But, dropoff damage starts at 30m, which doesn’t give you much wiggle room. At 50m, it takes around 26 shots to kill a target, that’s if you land every shot and the target doesn’t regenerate health in the meantime.

So you might not be able to threaten players at far ranges, but this weapon maintains respectable accuracy and damage that can disable your opposition.

If you’re comfortable with burst weapons, the RFP-9 isn’t a bad choice.

Not very relevant information, but back in the old days, the RFP had absurd accuracy, and you were able to jump around without any accuracy penalty.

I just wanted to say that it was fun back then.


Health Damage 133
Stamina Damage 20
Hard Damage 15.96
Time to kill 1.05s
Shots to kill 8
Equip Time 0.35s
Fire Interval 0.05s
Reload Time 1.60s
Ammo Capacity 105
Magazine Capacity 21

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