Joker SR15

Joker SR15

The Joker SR15 Carbine (slotted versions known as SR115, SR215, and SR315) is a semi-automatic rifle that is one of the three originals, it’s counterparts are the Obeya CR762, and the OBIR.

The Joker Carbine, as it is commonly referred to, is well known for it’s versatility and high skill ceiling. It’s regarded to as a close to medium ranged weapon. The semi-automatic firing rate allows players to have near complete control on where shots will land.

Players who have dedicated time and adapted to the weapon’s mechanics are the most terrifying opposition you’ll ever find. I am really not joking around.

I personally think that a truly skilled player knows how to handle a carbine as part of their skillset.


I should have prefaced this by saying I have a strong bias for this weapon. Despite all the new weapons that come out time to time, I still think it’s still one of the best weapons in APB. The Joker Carbine’s benefits include…

  • High mobility – you can hold your own against Submachine Guns
  • Adjustable rate of fire – allows for higher accuracy and control
  • Elite damage and range – can deal with medium range targets with accuracy, and put up a good fight against closer ranged weapons

Cons include…

  • Previously nerfed – increased the maximum bloom, which lowered it’s accuracy.
  • Limited by it’s range – can’t send back notable damage to longer ranged weapons. utilizing cover efficently

Optimizing Your Firing Rate

The Joker SR15 does require a player to limit their rate of fire, instead of mashing the fire button as fast as you can, because it will actually prevent you to shoot at the maximum fire rate.

Practice slowly firing your weapon against a wall, and then increase the speed until you find the hiccups in where the gun doesn’t fire. Then, reduce your speed and this will allow you to pinpoint that line of efficient rate of fire.

If you previously pressed the left mouse button as fast as you could thinking it’d make the gun fire faster, this will open a whole new world for you. This gun will become much more accurate and predictable for you.


Health Damage 195
Stamina Damage 20
Hard Damage 29.25
Time to kill 0.75s
Shots to kill 6
Equip Time 1.00s
Fire Interval 0.15s
Reload Time 2.00s
Ammo Capacity 100
Magazine Capacity 20

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