Low Yield Grenades

Low Yield Grenades


Low Yield Grenades

Low Yields are the only grenade type in the game that allows you to carry 3 grenades. Every other grenade type only allow you to carry 2. The only exception is if you’re wearing Flak Jacket, which reduces the number of explosives you carry by one.

Low Yields boast incredible range and speed, but have a smaller explosion range than most grenades. This grenade flies at 20 m/s, compared to a fragmentation grenade, that only travels at 15.5 m/s. They are best used at flushing enemies from corners, and harassing enemies that may be camped above ground.

In-game Description:

“By lowering the amount of explosives in the package, Armas has created a version of the standard grenade that is lighter, allowing the user to carry more and throw them further. Careful though, it also comes with a reduced priming fuse.”


It is recommended to cook this grenade to surprise your enemies. To cook a grenade, you simply hold down the grenade button for a certain amount of time before letting it go. If you hold it for too long, it will explode in your hands.



Love these grenades. Their speed and range makes them a very popular tool on the battlefield. In the right hands, these grenades can absolutely devastate.

Flak Jacket would play very nicely in negating the majority of damage Low Yield Grenades may inflict.