Welcome to the Marketplace where you can buy and sell items. Be careful exploring as with every other game, scams are common and buyers should take extreme caution in deals that seem to good to be true. If you see anybody participating in questionable activities, contact Gamersfirst Support.

What is the Tax?

In the APB Reloaded’s Marketplace, all items that have been successfully sold will have a 20% tax taken from the seller.

Transferring Money?

Currently, you are unable to send money directly to other players, including yourself. You are also unable to buy items with characters within the same account which prohibits the transfer of currency. But if your character is on a different account (if you had two) then you would be able to basically funnel money by placing items on the marketplace and having that other character buy/sell the item depending on which direction you would want the money to flow.

You are still subjected to the 20% tax, so if you decided that you wanted to create a criminal to be able to ram raid and grind for money, you need to put a 20% tax to find out the actual amount you are earning in the end.

Canceling Auctions?

To the best of my knowledge, you can not cancel your own auctions once someone has placed a bid on it.

Why are things so expensive?

Don’t worry. People just utilize the maximum price amount (2147483646) to have “first page” results to advertise what they have to sell. Typically, you can whisper these players or send the an in-game mail message asking about what they’re real asking price is. Themes and weapons tend to be the most highly valued products on the marketplace.