Mobile Spawn Point

Mobile Spawn Point

Mobile Spawn Point

Mobile Spawn Point is an Blue Vehicle Modification that allows the player and their teammates to spawn in the vehicle equipped with the modification.

Spawning is disabled if one of the conditions are true. If you’ve died 20 meters nearby the modification, or if an enemy is within 35 meters. There also needs to be a free seat somewhere in the vehicle.


Mobile Spawn Point is available for purchase at the cost of $1,500 per modification. There are no rank restrictions.

In-game Description:

“Turns your vehicle into a Mobile Spawn Point. You can spawn from any vehicle with Mobile Spawn Point once every 2 minutes.”


This is still a good modification despite the nerf it received. Players now have to give more thought and consideration into when they want to spawn on a vehicle since there’s a two minute cooldown on it.

Mobile Spawn cooldowns are not unique to each individual car. Meaning that once you spawn in on one vehicle, every other spawn point is unavailable until the cooldown is up.