Muffler is a red vehicle mod that reduces engine breaking by 65%, allowing you to “coast” further with your car when not accelerating.

Alternative red modifications consist of Armored Engine and Fireproofing.

Ingame Description:

“A muffled exhaust hides your vehicle from enemy radar as long as you are not accelerating. Additional tweaks reduce engine braking, allowing you to coast for long distances.”


Reduces engine breaking by -65%.


Yet again, another red modification. This mod in particular allows you to allow your vehicle to slowly roll away almost forever depending on the speed you let go of the acceleration. It also hides your vehicle from enemy radars during the time you are not actively accelerating.

This can have various strategical uses, but requires much more team coordination than usual. For example, you could utilize this in a vehicle that can hold a high number of passengers. In an attack missions where you have to secure an objective, you can have a driver coast down an entire street length, and drop off teammates undetected. Of course, this tactic could easily be countered by players watching tight spaces like hallways and corridors, or if they simply have a Mobile Radar Tower.

I’d still much prefer a mix of green, blue, and purple car mods over any red modification.