Music Studio

Music Studio

There’s tons of opportunities in the creative industry. You can make A LOT of money here, if you know your way around APB’s Music Studio. You can create songs that can be played on foot or in vehicles, and themes that play for your enemy when you kill them, or when you earn MVP in a mission.

How do I create a song/theme?

Click on the drop down menu circled in the picture below. It’ll give you the option between making a song and a theme. The difference between the two is that songs can be played in the music player (accessed by pressing P), and are also longer in length.
Themes are those short songs you hear after you are killed by an enemy or when you’re the MVP of a mission.

The wonderful thing about selling music is that there is NO cost to create. Everything is pure profit. There are no listing fees. But keep in mind that you have to account for the 20% Marketplace tax. With that being said, the music market also contains very creative players who can work around the limitations of the in-game music production software.

Players gain attention of buyers by utilizing a tactic which includes listing an item at max price ($2147483646) which helps them show on the first page.


You are limited to 5 tracks, which allows you to have 5 instruments. Under the “Controls” category, it shows you the active track you’ve selected, and the instrument on it. You are able to change the tempo, volume and panning. Under each column, there’s a symbol of a clockwise turn that allows you to loop that section of the instrumental. You can right click those individual squares to change the patterns. Patterns allow you to create different sequences to swap out for a specific column.

The only two effects that are available under the “Modification” tab is Delay and Low Pass Filter. If your file/memory size exceeds capacity, it cannot be saved. If you need more intricate notes like 1/16 and 1/32, then just double or triple your tempo. Keep in mind that depending on what you’re tempo is at, it will change the song time length. You are unable to modify other people’s creations.