N-FA 9

N-FA 9

The N-FA 9 is one of the many secondary weapons available in the game. Alternatives include the ACT 44, Colby RSA, Colby SNR 850, Joker RFP-9, Obeya FBW, and the S-AS PDW.

Ingame Description:

“The Nekrova Fully-Automatic machine pistol is a solid close-range secondary weapon with a very fast rate of fire. The manufacturers decision to use high-caliber rounds results in very high recoil, though they claim the resultant high damage more than makes up for any deficiencies.”

Health Damage 70
Stamina Damage 20
Hard Damage 6.30
Time to kill .63s
Shots to kill 15
Equip Time 0.40s
Fire Interval 0.045s
Reload Time 1.10s
Ammo Capacity 144
Magazine Capacity 24


The N-FA 9 definitely is a close ranged weapon. You want to be close enough to have an intimate conversation that you wouldn’t want your loved ones to overhear with your opponent. Seriously. Get very close to your opponents to maximize your efficiency with this weapon.

Test firing the N-FA 9 will instantly show that it does indeed shoot fast. Of course, fast rate of fire forces you to make at least some shots count, otherwise the weapon would be as useful as a 4 year old toddler commandeering a fire hose. Is that funny? I can’t tell.

Keep in mind that you are given only 6 magazines, and it typically takes an entire magazine to kill one player.

If you find yourself utilizing a long range play style, the N-FA 9 and S-AS PDW can both be viable options to aid you in close range.