N-HVR 762

N-HVR 762

The N-HVR 762, commonly known as the HVR or heavy HVR, is a high velocity rifle that is very effective in the medium-high to high ranged combat distance. It’s alternative is the Agrotech DMR-SD.

The HVR offers higher initial damage that allows you to disable your opposition for a few seconds while they regenerate their health back.

It offers unparalleled accuracy, but has a understandingly slow fire rate, to offset it’s vicious first strike.

The reason some people call it the heavy HVR, is because there is a ‘lighter’ version, the N-HVR 243, which offers less damage, but more mobility.



This gun and I go way back. Like waaaay back.

I was playing this game with my brother when I noticed he was using this gun. I decided to try it out, and I was never able to let it go since. Of course, as metas come and go and weapon statistics will change as a consequence.

The pros for the N-HVR 762 are just absurd:

  • Pinpoint Accuracy – It hits where you aim.
  • High Damage – It does 85% damage. Enough said.

That’s all that’s needed from a good weapon.

The cons, however:

  • Low mobility – You have to switch to your secondary to get anywhere fast.
  • Vulnerable – With low mobility, you also need to be standing still to acquire accurate shots.
  • Slow rate of fire – Come on, it does 85% damage. This is reasonable.
  • Slow reload time – It’s got a decently long down time due to the reloading speed. You can take out 3 enemies as the magazine contains 6 bullets, with each target requiring 2 to kill.


You can bend the tidal movements to your will. People will kneel before you. It is utterly devastating when used in the proper hands. Despite it’s recent nerf that made the crosshairs take some time to come together, it is still a very strong weapon.

A popular loadout is a heavy HVR combined with an FBW. The HVR can help cover medium and long range engagements, while the FBW acts like a Joker Carbine that helps you protect yourself in close quarters combat.


More detailed info @ APBDB.com.