The N-TEC 5, or just ‘ntec’, is an assault rifle that is effective in medium ranged combat. However, to maintain accuracy, it must be fired in controlled, short bursts.

The NTEC 5 used to rule the streets, but they’ve gotten through both a nerf and buff. Despite that, it’s still one of the go-to weapons for many players. It’s counterpart is the STAR 556, that boasts more accuracy, in exchange of 1% less damage per shot. Probably not that significant.

In-game Description:

“The Nekrova Tactically Evolved Carbine infantry rifle flooded the black-market following the collapse of the Soviet Union. With high stopping power and long effective range, this rifle has become a favourite of many factions within San Paro, though detractors often point out the requirement to fire in short bursts to maintain accuracy.”


It’s your old pal, the NTEC! This weapon was found in the hands of MANY players during the beginning of APB Reloaded, and that’s still the case today! This gun gives off a feeling of power, and to some, maybe inaccuracy as well. But coupled with modifications like Hunting Sight and Rifling can help increase it’s effective range and long range accuracy.

Pros & Cons


  • Trusty – One of those weapons that still stands strong against time. Although it’s been modified in some patches, it continues to be a strong weapon that covers a decent range.
  • The Leading Brand – Compared to the STAR, the NTEC has a faster TTK due to 15 more damage per shot, and fires 0.01s faster.


  • CQC Coin Flip – Sometimes, you can miss shots while the barrel of the gun is touching your opponent.
  • Damage Dropoff – I’ll admit I have a personal agenda against the ‘damage drop off’ mechanic. Assault rifles start losing damage at 50m, which isn’t far ingame. It makes the world feel smaller. Assaults rifles lost a bit of power due to this change.

Tap Fire

For longer ranges, tap firing will help you maintain the accuracy of the weapon. Of course, when you’re closer range, holding down the fire button might be optimal, although it is very inaccurate, especially while moving/strafing.

Health Damage 190
Stamina Damage 20
Hard Damage 19
Time to kill 0.7s
Shots to kill 6
Equip Time 0.8s
Fire Interval 0.14s
Reload Time 2.4s
Ammo Capacity 128
Magazine Capacity 32

More detailed info @ APBDB.com