2017 Christmas Eve/Christmas Day Chaos – Random Players getting “banned”

2017 Christmas Eve/Christmas Day Chaos – Random Players getting “banned”

9:55pm PST on December 24th, 2017 was approximately the time when players noticed bizarre behavior from within the game. Players at that time were reporting odd broadcast messages and ban messages for specific players.

“MrEpicGoat” is the person suspected to be behind this. However, many players whose names were broadcasted did not appear to be permanently banned.  Users from both Jericho and Citadel servers were affected.

The official GamersFirst team made their first response about an hour and a half later in this forum post.tiggs responding to christmas eve chaos

This screenshot from player “MurkTheMerc” shows the bizarre broadcast messages in-game:

christmas eve chaos 2017 broadcast messages
As always, i do not recommend visiting unfamiliar links.

As of now, I am unaware of how long it will continue. There were also rumors about how there might be something special planned for tomorrow.

…happy holidays?

Update 1: It is confirmed that the ban messages were just a modified broadcast message. No actual bans have taken place, that I’m aware of. Also, there will be no compensation as stated by Tiggs.