2017 Halloween Horseman Event

2017 Halloween Horseman Event

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It’s the same event from last year with new rewards(?). Rewards are character-bound. No carryover on the progress made from last year.

  • “The Purple Pumpkin Hunter and Pumpkin Smasher roles, as well as Trick and Treat’s progress will carry over from previous years.”


Achievment Requirement Reward
 Soul Collector  Become the Headless Horseman   Soul Collector Title
 Dead Man Walking  Kill 25 Survivors as a Pumpkin Head Soldier   Dead Man Walking Title & Halloween Ghost Weapon Skin
 I Am Legend  Survive the Headless Horseman event  I am Legend Title & Clown Mask
 Halloween Spirit  Play the Headless Horseman event 25 times  Halloween Spirit Title & Witch / Wizard Hat
 Survivor Elite  Kill 100 Pumpkin Head Soldiers as a Survivor  Survivor Elite Title & Choice of Monster, Pumpkin or Skull Backpacks

Purple / Orange Pumpkins

Purple Pumpkins = Financial / Waterfront
Orange Pumpkins = Asylum
Purple Pumpkin Hunter Role:

What do I do? – Find pumpkins in given district, and shoot them until they explode and you get a confirmation message. Pumpkins are sometimes really well hidden but will give off sound cues.

Rank Purple Pumpkins Destroyed Reward
 1  150  Halloween Pumpkin Weapon Skin
 2  300  Devil Wings Clothing

Pumpkin Smasher Role:

Rank Purple Pumpkins Destroyed Reward
 1  50  Pumpkin Chaster Title
 2  150  Pumpkin Murderer Title
 3  500  Pumpkin Assassin Title
 4  1000  Pumpkin Terminator Title

Contacts: Trick and Treat

Found in Waterfront District.

What do I do? – Pledge to them to earn standings like regular contacts.

Level Standing Required Reward
 1  0  $666 Cash
 2  10000  Symbols: Ghost Kitty, Pumpkin, Skull Lord, Zombunny
 3  20000  Themes: Creepy Carnival, Haunted House, Hall of the Mountain King, Pumpkin Lab
 4  35000  Pumpkin Mask Clothing
 5  50000  Titles: Wraith, Ghoul
 6  65000  Knife in the Head Clothing, Glow in the Dark Weapon Skin, Titles: Trick’s Homie (Criminal) or Treat’s Homie (Enforcer)

New Daily Activities:

Daily Activity Requirement Rewards
 Not the Done Thing / Wages of Sin  Kill 15 opponents  100 Joker Tickets
 Glory Awaits / Lost the Will to Live  Complete 5 missions  100 Joker Tickets
 Slayer / Pop Gun Fun  Kill 5 opponents with the Snub-nose revolver  Halloween Bats Weapon Skin