Anarchy Event Explained

Anarchy Event Explained

This new Anarchy Event introduced in June 2016 is a revamped version. Unfortunately, I can’t remember a single damn thing from the previous one, so I’ll just help you understand the current version!

Once you reach 500, you are allowed permanent access to your primary weapon, caveat being that you are periodically revealed on the map.

You can utilize your secondary and grenades to kill someone with a weapon, or go scavenging for weapons scattered across the map.

Different fraction members can be on the same team.

When event starts, players are split into two teams. Groups will not be split.

You will not have a primary weapon when spawned.

Survival adds to your score, and also adds to a score multiplier.

Legendary weapons start spawning near the later stages at the park in front of city hall.

Sounds like fun! Definitely find your friends and share a couple giggles over explosions and mayhem. Or is it mayham? I like ham. Black Forest Ham.

Recommended Strategy?

I haven’t played in the Anarchy Event yet, but I’d recommend players utilizing Car Surfer to be able to get around faster, and maybe even Flak Jacket to negate explosive damage. I’d also pick something medium to long range. The HVR is almost always a given because of how strong it is, but Joker Carbines, Obeyas, Ntecs should also see some use in this event. I’m not too familiar with the new weapons, so I can’t give much input on them.

If you want to be a team player, carry a Firework Launcher, and watch players light up with the use of that Flare Ammo modification. Although, this would leave you vulnerable without an actual reliable secondary, like an FBW.

Don’t listen to any of that above. Make sure you’re equipped with a secondary you’re comfortable with that allows you to eliminate your opponents. I would say you should pick something that has a little bit more range than a FBW, like an ACT 44 or an RSA.

Or, you could just use a fully automatic secondary like a PDW or Nano and drive up to people for kills. Then just slowly work your way up until you find someone with a weapon or you’re able to unlock your primary.


The event has been extended to the 20th. Happy fragging!

Two bugs relating to the event have been fixed as well.

Fixed an issue where the player HUD markers would sometimes remain stuck on screen even after a player has died.

Players are now able to spawn in Mobile Spawn Vehicles that belong to their group members.